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PNF Partners from London interested in silver from Serbia Bor mining company

“PNF Partners” from London is interested in buying silver and silver products from Mining and Smelting Basin ‘Bor’, which would be manufactured by IPM from Majdanpek, under PNF Partners’ instructions.

That was confirmed by president of English company Moti Panet, and his partner Joseph Ernsten at the meeting with general manager from RTB “Bor”, Blagoje Spaskovski, his associates and representatives of Industry of metal processing from Majdanpek, according to the announcement.

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We run a company that produces finished silver products, mainly in Turkey, and we do sales of those products. We would like to cooperate with Bor. This is my first time in Serbia, and I’m here by recommendation of Ambassador of Serbia in London, Ognjen Pribicevic – Panet said, as was stated in the announcement.

According to the announcement, Spaskovski stated that he is convinced that results will be visible soon.
The primary goal of this cooperation is to revive Zlatara from Majdanpek. Business with Israelis would mean certainty and guarantee of existence to its employees. Zlatara is ready for the job because it has quality staff – he said.

Technical Manager of Majdanpek-based IPM Sanja Sojic Danilovic added that cooperation is very important.
We have technology for production of required products and we are looking forward to such a big job, she said, it was stated in the announcement.

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