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Somincor Mine invests €260M to more than double zinc production

Mining company Somincor has restarted work on a €260 million project to expand zinc production at its Neves-Corvo mine in Alentejo.

“There was a suspension of works on the surface because of strikes but the underground works, which began last May were never stopped”, the mine director told Lusa News Agency.

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The company still expects to start production in the second half of 2019.

Kenneth Norris said the project to expand production at the mine was very significant for Lundin Mining the Swedish-Canadian firm that owns Somincor and is of strategic importance for the Somincor operation.

He said the project would create “many jobs” during the construction phase (about 350) and during the operation if it was successful.

Somincor said it was a crucial investment to modernise the operation and to change over to a mainly zinc mine, which was essential for its long-term competitiveness.

The project expects to more than double the mine’s annual zinc production from a million tons to about 2.5 million tons.

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