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Orano details four-year progress of uranium extraction projects in Uzbekistan

Over the last four years, the breadth of collaboration on uranium extraction in Uzbekistan has significantly expanded, demonstrating the confidence created between Orano and its Uzbek partners, a source at Orano Group told Trend.

“As on today, the Nurlikum Mining Joint Venture, with 51 percent of shares belonging to Orano and 49 percent – to Uzbekistan’s NavoyUran uranium mining company, is operating an industrial pilot, which has come into operation in November of 202.

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A feasibility study is presently being conducted, according to the company spokesman, with the goal of confirming the economic and environmental feasibility of uranium mining in its licensing region.

“Overall, the Group has been present in Uzbekistan since 2019, when we signed a partnership agreement with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources (Goscomgeology) to develop exploration and mining operations in Uzbekistan,” the source said.

This collaboration was formalized in December of 2019 with the formation of a joint venture called Nurlikum Mining, whose objective is to bring uranium deposits to production through exploration and project development.

According to the source, Orano Group, the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan (GosComGeology), and the Uzbek State-owned Enterprise Navoiyuran will sign a tripartite strategic collaboration agreement in November 2022.

“This agreement established the framework for an exclusive strategic alliance for the development of new uranium mines in Uzbekistan beyond the Djengeldi project, which is currently led by Nurlikum Mining.” The source stated, “This is a significant broadening of the scope of the collaboration, demonstrating the trust forged between Orano and Uzbek partners.”

Omonullo Nasritdinkhodzhayev, Deputy Minister of Mining and Geology of Uzbekistan, stated the country’s goal to significantly enhance uranium production earlier this year at the Innoprom Central Asia International Industrial Exhibition in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan, in particular, intends to treble its production volume, reaching 7,000 units by 2030, up from 3,600 units in 2022.


Source: trend news agency

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