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Montenegro Mojkovac community against EBRD funded Tara Resources lead zinc mine

Civic Initiative ‘Healthy Mojkovac’ is not giving up on its intention to, with the help of key decision-makers in Montenegro, prevent a new environmental disaster that, as they claim, threatens the town. The town is situated amidst several million tons of heavy metals deposited in the tailings of the former lead and zinc mine ‘Brskovo’.

They are explicit in their desire not to implement the intention of the mining company Tara Resources from Switzerland to reactivate the lead and zinc mine “Brskovo” in Mojkovac. In this mine, they would also extract copper and silver, with an expected investment of around 180 million euros and approximately 550 new jobs.

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“We expect you to completely disqualify the decision to allocate seven million square meters in the area between two national parks and the UNESCO-protected Tara River for one of the dirtiest mining and processing activities, with the consequence of permanent destruction of nature, pollution of all segments of the environment, and endangering people’s health, resulting in the onset of the most serious illnesses and death,” is stated in the letter from the Civic Initiative “Healthy Mojkovac” addressed to Prime Minister Milojko Spajić.

In the letter, they emphasize that the concession agreement expired on July 25th of this year, and they expect from Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and Minister of Energy and Mining Saša Mujović to recognize and respect the interests of citizens and the state. They anticipate that, unlike the previous government, they will make a decision and commitment to the development of Mojkovac based on healthy and sustainable principles, preserving the health of citizens, nature, and natural resources in the shortest possible time.


Source: Montenegro Business

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