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Tara Resources Montenegro lead zinc mine economic impact on local community

The implementation of the Brskovo project, which according to indications will employ up to 700 workers, will have significant economic effects on the local community, as well as on the whole of Montenegro, assessed Prime Minister Dritan Abazović.

At a meeting with citizen activist Gordana Đukanović, on the occasion of the implementation of the Brskovo mine project, from the perspective of development and policy of balanced regional development, she emphasized the necessity of further diversifying the economy and putting into use all the development resources available to Montenegro.

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Abazović, as announced by his Cabinet, thanked Đukanović for his concern for the environment in Mojkovac and informed that, as Prime Minister, he held several consultative meetings with representatives of the local community, at which the necessity of implementing the aforementioned project was highlighted for the benefit of the local community and citizens of Mojkovac.

During the meetings held, it was stated that the implementation of the Brsko mine project is an existential issue for Mojkovac and the citizens who are moving out every day due to lack of jobs.

Đukanović thanked for the opportunity to present all the arguments against the realization of that project in direct communication with Abazović.

Abazović said that he will fully respect the wishes of the citizens of Mojkovac and the local leadership as their representatives, and that he will make additional efforts to make the conditions for the state as good as possible.


Source: Montenegro Business

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