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Lydian Armenia presents full documentary on Amulsar project

The 20 minute documentary is aimed at answering some of the frequently asked questions on the environmental protection methods Lydian Armenia implements at Amulsar. As the infrastructures described in the video are being constructed now at Amulsar, the company has tried to present in non-technical terms how these systems will be operating once the mine starts production.

“The Amulsar project was designed by leading international engineering companies. The pollution prevention systems as well as the comprehensive environmental management activities adopted are used in modern mining projects all over the world. These technologies and procedures allow for safe operations of mines and comprehensive protection of the environment.

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While the complex technical parameters of the Amulsar project and all environmental activities would not fit into a 20 minute documentary, our goal was to present some of the important details in a simplified manner as well as to show a fraction of the everyday work of the environmental team at Amulsar during construction. We hope that this will be another step towards assuring our stakeholders that Amulsar will become the leading example of responsible mining in Armenia,” Lydian Armenia’s statement reads.

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