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Activists are campaigning against uranium mining in Spain

Environmental activists from Spain and Portugal have said they will create a human chain to protest against a planned uranium mine near the border between the two countries.

The Stop Uranium Platform Campo Charro group, one of those campaigning against the planned Salamanca mine, said the chain would symbolise the unity of the Spanish and Portuguese activists.

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It is set to take place this Saturday.

“We want to denounce nefarious projects such as this one,” the Platform said.

Plans for the mine, which would be operated by the Berkeley Energia company, state that it would be opened in the town of Retortillo.

The Platform and other groups involved in the demonstration said the human chain would stretch between either side of the Spanish-Portuguese border.

It comes after Portugal’s parliament previously passed a motion calling on the country’s government to take all necessary measures to prevent the mining of uranium in Salamanca.

“It is logical that our Portuguese neighbours are concerned about the projects on the other side of the border,” the Platform said.

The Junta of Castilla y Leon has approved plans for the mine. The Platform claimed they signed off an environmental impact assessment without holding a public consultation.

The Junta refused to provide a new impact assessment after local opposition politicians called for one last year.

Berkeley Energia said they had established good relations with the local community in Retortillo ahead of the mine being built.

“The mine design incorporates the very latest thinking on minimal environmental impact and continuous rehabilitation such that land used during mining and processing activities is quickly restored to agricultural usage,” the company said.

Source: euroweeklynews

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