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Zijin’s investments in mine in Bor, Serbia

In the coming years, the Chinese company Zijin will invest even more than before, it is stated in the notification sent to the employees of the company and the citizens of Bor and Majdanpek. This company took over the mine in Bor at the end of 2018. Since then, approximately $ 650 million has been invested in repaying all historical debts, improving safety and environmental protection, increasing production, as well as in technical renovation and expansion of mines and smelters, the company Srbija Zijin Koper announced. As stated, with more than 1,000 newly employed local citizens, the total number of members of the Zijin family has reached more than 5,500 employees to date.

“What makes us even happier is that the average monthly net income of employees increased by more than 34 percent, to over 90,000 dinars, compared to the level in 2018, which is 50 percent more than the average salary in the entire country.”, reports Tanjug.

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The company Srbija Zijin Koper drafted a proposal for a new collective agreement for workers, in accordance with the Labour Law and other valid laws of Serbia, and initiated, as it announced, friendly talks with the unions. The new collective agreement will fully respect all valid laws and ensure the legal rights of our workers, said Zijin. As stated, the average income will not be reduced by an improved collective agreement.

“On the contrary, the company will, in parallel with the new collective agreement, establish an additional promising mechanism to ensure that employees who create greater value to the company are well recognized and financially rewarded,” Zijin said, reports Tanjug.

The collective agreement that RTB previously concluded with the unions is valid until the end of June 2021 at the latest.

“In order to make the company more energetic and protect the interests of its workers in the long run, the company has drafted a proposal for a new collective agreement,” they say in Zijin.

The company wants to thank the unions for their cooperative stance and appreciated efforts, the statement added. In addition, the new collective agreement aims to break egalitarianism and establish a competitive mechanism, which will significantly improve the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, and thus make the company more energetic and successful. They also say that they are glad to see that their employees and fellow citizens have realized the importance of renewed management and the value created by the new collective agreement for the sustainable development of the company.

“We are also convinced that, with the understanding and support of the public, together with the contribution of our associates, the company will definitely achieve better performance, create a brighter future and make a greater contribution to local economic and social development,” said Zijin.

They say that the average monthly net income of employees increased by more than 34 percent, to over 90,000 dinars, compared to the level from 2018, which is 50 percent more than the average salary in the entire country. Also, in Zijin, they point out that they are proud when they see that their employees can enjoy almost the highest average net income in Serbia, it is stated in the announcement. As a reminder, some media previously reported that about fifty workers from Zijin protested in front of the headquarters of that company, demanding better working conditions. Also, that the union Nezavisnost in the company Zijin warned that according to the new collective agreement, the management of that company plans to abolish numerous benefits for employees, reduce the price of night work and abolish recourses.

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