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Zijin Copper in Serbia wants to be an example of green mining

The filtration system has already been put into operation at the Serbia Zijin Copper mine, which returns 95 percent of the process water back to flotation, and in the field of environmental protection, numerous works have been done regarding afforestation and greening of mining areas, it is stated in the announcement. The company Serbia Zijin Copper announced that the working group of the Government of Serbia for the supervision of all potential polluters of the river Pek determined that Zijin fulfilled all the requirements of the inspection team on time.

“It was stated that Serbia Zijin Copper has implemented the necessary measures to increase the efficiency of water treatment in the Majdanpek mine, but also that the company is taking other measures to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and step by step solve the accumulated inherited problems in this area,” it is stated in the announcement.
The project that was not part of the ordered measures was praised, and it refers to the return of 95% of process water from filtration to the flotation plant of the Majdanpek mine, they say in Zijin.
The working group of the Government of Serbia for the supervision of all potential pollutants of the Pek River and the inspection team checked the day before the deadline (April 29) whether the Majdanpek Copper Mine met all requirements related to eliminating the impact on water quality in the river.
“The working group, which included, among others, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Dejan Milijanovic, Assistant Minister of Environmental Protection Dejan Furjanovic, as well as mining, water and environmental inspector, was convinced that the Majdanpek mine did everything for consistent implementation of the imposed measures,” they say in Zijin.

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The company, as stated, cleaned the existing sedimentation tanks for receiving atmospheric water and built new ones for the mechanical treatment of waste, muddy water, as well as for the laundry of heavy and other vehicles.
Although it was not the obligation of the company, the bed of the river Mali Pek was cleaned from the material that had been deposited for decades, in the part that is not in the mining zone, in the length of almost 300 meters. The company also accepted the obligation to build another additional sedimentation tank, as suggested during the control supervision, and it also undertook the obligation to regularly examine and keep a diary on the quality of wastewater.
Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Dejan Milijanovic expressed satisfaction that Zijin and the Ministry of Mining and Energy are “on the same path” when it comes to environmental protection:
“We want Serbia Zijin Copper to be an example that mining in Serbia can be green, because that is the basic meaning of progress when it comes to this industry. Not mining at any cost, but one that can be sustainable and that must be green and in accordance with the laws of nature and the laws of environmental protection,” Milijanovic emphasized.
Representatives of the Working Group indicated their more frequent presence in this environment and active monitoring of potential polluters of the Pek River, all with the aim of achieving zero pollution.

Representatives of Zijin stated that they will strictly implement the ordered measures of the inspection team, but also that they will continuously work in the field of environmental protection. The problems of the historical heritage will, as promised, be solved step by step until the final idea “that the waters be clearer and the mountains greener”. Work will be done according to the standards of improving the environment to the “green mine” and the plan for the mine to later become a garden, and mining a green industry.

Source: rtv.rs


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