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Zi Jin Bor mine company in law procedure with Serbia’s Ministry because of the air pollution in Bor, Serbia

Besides polluting the air, the company did nothing to reduce it, and the Ministry charged Zi Jin and the deputy director of TIR branch Boban Todorovic.

Serbia’s Ministry of Ecology launched a proceeding against the Chinese Zi Jin Bor Copper company for discharging of dangerous substances into the air in November 2019, and January 2020.

The charges include the economic offence which carries between 1.5 and three million Dinars (1 RSD = 0.0085 Euros), fine but a court could pass the punishment equivalent to the damage done.

The Ministry said it controlled the company on several occasions, and in five instances at least it found omissions since Si Jin bought the mining and smelting complex in eastern Serbia at the end of 2018.

The sulfate dioxide concentration in Bor occasionally went up to 8.3 times above the allowed level, the environmental control recorded in November of 2019.


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