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Volt Resources fields orders for natural graphite anode materials after “excellent” test performance

In an important development for graphite anode developer and producer Volt Resources Ltd, orders have been received from a North American lithium-ion battery (LIB) producer after testing revealed VRC’s product exceeds typical electric vehicle target cycles.

The company’s natural graphite anode recently underwent rigorous industry testing to assess its compliance with market requirements.

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To meet the industry standards, Volt’s flake graphite was subjected to a purification process, achieving an exceptional purity level in excess of 99.95%.

It was then spherodised, coated and integrated into multiple 32650 lithium-ion cylindrical batteries, a popular size and format. The only non-Volt component in these 5 Ah capacity batteries was the graphite anode.

Cycling tests at a range of 4.25 to 2.50 volts over 100 cycles revealed a cycle life of 1,331 cycles, well above the industry standard target of 1,000 cycles for electric vehicles.

Closing the demand-supply gap

“We are excited about the progress in our downstream business and execution of our integrated graphite anode production strategy,” Volt Resources CEO Prashant Chintawar said.

“We believe that this strategy offers our customers an Inflation Reduction Act-compliant product that meets performance criteria and supply chain security, especially considering the demand vs supply gap.”

Graphite, which occupies a place on multiple critical mineral lists, including in the US, EU and here in Australia, represents the largest component of most lithium-ion batteries by weight, with a typical EV battery requiring 60-70 kilograms of graphite.

Graphite demand in North American LIB markets is expected to reach 800,000 to 1 million tonnes per annum by 2030, offering a lucrative growth opportunity for integrated producers positioned to take advantage of the growing market.


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