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UK Mineco’s Contango lead zinc mine in Serbia confirms new rich deposits

On the mountain Rudnik there was a 35 meter thick layer of mineral body with a large percentage of silver, zinc and copper that will double the life of the mine, said the director of the Rudnik company for the Voice of Western Serbia and the flotation within the ‘’Kontango’’ company Aco Ilic.

“We were lucky because the first bore of several hundred meters hit the center of the mineral body, which is thick 30 to 40 meters. If it is known that all the old mines that were found on this mountain had a thickness of up to five meters, it is clear that we have discovered the right treasure. Analysis has shown that ore is very rich in copper, silver and lead, while zinc content is twice as big as we have so far excavated. It is very good silver concentration of 50 grams per ton of ore is our standard – says Ilic.

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Only the exploration of the newly discovered ore body lasts for at least eight years and is located at 600 meters below the surface of the earth.

Otherwise, there are 452 workers currently employed in the “Rudnik” company, with a gross wage of about 95,000 dinars( 800 EUR), and every mineral at the end of the year will be traded with a traditional 12,000 dinars bonus (100EUR) .

Source: blic.newspaper

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