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The start of operation of the Brskovo mine is important for the Montenegro

The start of operation of the Brskovo mine is important not only for the local community, but also for the entire country, which is why the Ministry of Capital Investments is already taking certain steps towards resolving potential bottlenecks, said relevant minister Ervin Ibrahimović.

Ibrahimović and State Secretary Ismet Latić spoke with the executive director of Tara Resources Brskovo mine, Richard Boffey, about the current activities that are being carried out in the company in order to create all the prerequisites for the exploitation and realization of the project to begin.

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– I don’t need to emphasize how important the start of exploitation, that is, the start of mine operation, is not only for the local community but also for the entire country. On several occasions, we have already discussed administrative obstacles that significantly affect the dynamics of implementation, and we are ready to work within the competence of this department and are already taking certain steps towards resolving potential bottlenecks – said Ibrahimović.

He added, as announced by the Ministry, that all project participants are aware of its size and complexity, which is precisely why it has an interdepartmental character.

Ibrahimović also noted that the issue of complex administrative and bureaucratic barriers often comes up in meetings with foreign investors.

According to him, as a first step towards the creation of sustainable models of functioning, with the task of solving the deadlock and proposing concrete solutions in the implementation of projects in the field of research and exploitation of mineral raw materials, an interdepartmental working group was formed, made up of representatives of all institutions involved in these processes.

Latić referred to the necessity of faster communication and reaction of institutions when it comes to creating the conditions for the start of the implementation of such important projects.

As he emphasized, the goal of forming this working group is not only to solve individual cases, but to identify the shortcomings of the administration through the analysis of the current situation and create a model that will be operational and sustainable for a long period of time.

The representatives of the company agree that a faster reaction of the institutions is needed, but also that they understand the challenges faced by the state apparatus.

– The support of the Ministry of Capital Investments is important and so far the cooperation has been very constructive – said Boffey.

Ibrahimović assessed that the municipalities in the north need such projects, for which there is potential for further development and which in the long term can affect the change in the social structure, a higher rate of employment and prevent the departure of young people from these areas.

– That is why our task, in addition to protecting state interests, is to be a serious partner and to create a favorable and reliable business environment, so that this, as well as other projects, would be a real recommendation for foreign investors to see our country as a good investment opportunity. I think we have to take it more seriously and work on it more strongly interdepartmentally – concluded Ibrahimović.

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