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Spanish Mining Company Finds Silver, Gold in Historic Mine

Emerita Resources Corp. reported in a press release that it has the assay results from the La Romanera deposit on the Iberian Belt West Project (IBW), which also hosts the La Infanta and El Cura deposits.

According to the press release, this report includes the results of two drill holes, LR156 and LR157.

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The President of Emerita Resources Corp, Joaquin Merino, commented, “We continue to see a very thick massive sulfide zone at La Romanera, where drilling is expanding the deposit beyond the recently announced mineral resource estimate at IBW. Given these are some of the thickest massive sulfides we have seen to date at La Romanera, in addition to the DEHM indicating continuity to depth, we are optimistic there continues to be significant room to expand this deposit.”

Emerita reports that LR156 found 0.5% copper (Cu), 0.8% lead (Pb), 1.9% zinc (Zn), 1.07 g/t gold (Au) and 38.1 g/t silver (Ag) over 24.2m at a depth of 692.4m, including 0.4% Cu, 2.8 Pb, 6.6 Zn, 1.47 g/t Au, and 75.4 g/t Ag over 5.0m. LR157 found 0.5% Cu, 1.1% Pb, 1.5% Zn, 0.46 g/t Au, and 26.1 g/t Ag over 51.6m at a depth of 721.7m, including 0.2% Cu, 1.6% Pb, 5.5% Zn, 0.98 g/t Au, and 58.8 g/t Ag over 6.0m, and 0.4% Cu, 1.8% Pb, 2.1% Zn, 0.89 g/t Au, and 38.5 g/t Ag over 5.6m.

The company is also optimistic about the potential for expansion, as “assay results indicate continuity of massive sulfides from the outcrop to nearly 700 meters below surface, along with a pronounced thickening of the sulfide mineralization.”


Source: StreetWise Report

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