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SNC Lavalin completes the new smelter acid plant for Serbia Bor copper company

“Outotec” and “SNC Lavalin completed the project for copper mining company Bor. SNC “Lavalin” in charge of construction of new smelter and the plant for sulphur acid at the Mining and smelter basin Bor, handed in to copper combine all facilities within the project for usage and management.

It practically means everything is ready for the start of new pyrometallurgy facilities.

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After more than three and a half years of works, all sections within the project of construction of new smelter were handed in to RTB Bor for management and usage.

The main contractor, Canadian SNC “Lavalin”, after cold and hot trials , gave new Plant of sulphur acid for usage. Thus, construction and check of this part of the project ended.

-As of today, the basin finally takes the charge and starts managing facilities which are within the project and which were the subject of delivery of foreign companies “Outotec” and “SNC Lavalina” – said Dragan Marinkovic, the head of the new smelter project .

According to him, it is extremely important for RTB in commercial and in environmental sense especially for the citizens of Bor.

He said that on Friday, heating of the plant will start and it will be ready to receive the first gasses which originated in technological processes in Smelter and to produce sulphur acid from them.

The new plant for production of sulphur acid will produce 400.000 tons of sulphur acid per year which will be launched to domestic and foreign market.

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