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Serbian graphite mine fully capable to supply European battery industry, flake graphite deposits impressive

Demand for Global Graphite Market Size To Hit EUR 30 Billion by 2028

The Belkalhan graphite mine in South Serbia is one of most suitable resources –it is based on the 16,6% high-quality graphite deposit which even has been designated as mineral deposit of national interest in EU. With 4 million tons of reserves confirmed on only 25% of project location, the project offers highest possible potential to owners and its future new shareholders which are willing to join forces in this unique R&D critical raw material exploitation.

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Belkalhan mining exploitation company confirmed that new drills on graphite intersections are underway with preliminary results showing the same 16,6% or higher quality.

The location of the mine, with its numerous competitive advantages on infrastructure/logistics/processing/ and R&D facility are in the parallel focus of Belkalhan development teams supported by experienced mining experts and university mining institutes.

Belkalhan teams are developing and engineering future processing facility designs along with tailor made exploitation and processing technologies which will fit the local landscape with highest environment and social impact standards and action plans. Stakeholder actions plans are under development as well as its strategic investor relations strategy already operational and due to the large number of inquiries from Asian markets.

Belkalhan remains devoted to its primarily strategic orientation and goal toward opening R&D center thru JV which will be local community based and which will could serve as technology transfer center for Serbian and European industry.

Potential JV partnership and investment will enable Belkalhan to integrate downstream into the manufacturing of graphite products for a number of high-growth markets including lithium ion batteries/EVs, fuel cells, graphene and nanomaterials, thermal management in consumer electronics, smart building products and fire retardants. Graphite deposits with unique European quality makes the mine one of the most attractive in Europe.

More informations on project potentials at belkalhan.eu

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