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Serbia Copper mine Majdanpek increases production by 40% in 2016

Copper mine Majdanpek increased its production of copper concentrate, gold and silver by about 40% compared to 2015. Director Branislav Tomic says that the result is even more valuable taking into consideration how much preparatory, investment, infrastructural and other work, equally important to future operations, was done along the away, while saving enormous amounts of money.

Tomic says that the production in 2016 was carried out at the Juzni Revir cut, where a result of 103% compared to a year before was made.

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– We were simultaneously carrying out important infrastructural works, from moving the optical cable, the power line, to moving the Mali Pek river bed and establishing and putting into operation the second drainage and filtering line from Juzni Revir. At the same time, we maintained the continuity and the production was uninterrupted – says Tomic.

He points out that everything done so far creates a good foundation for RBM’s future and that it is, together with continued investments in equipment, a pre-requirement for keeping the good results in 2017.

He announced that RBM would continue at the same pace in all aspects in 2017, with a view to increasing the production and preparing the terrain for operations in the coming period.

– We want to make our workforce younger, as our age average in the company is quite high. This will enable us to perform our tasks with more vigor and better results. We will continue to face expenditures, and we will try to contribute to solving the issue as a company by having our ERC take over a part of the operations in order to carry them out for the entirety of RTB Bor. We are not lacking in ideas when it comes to other jobs either – Tomic explains.

He once again praised the way the City of Majdanpek treated the mine and reminded that the adoption of the PPRP had given a new chance to mining in the area, but also stated that RBM had fulfilled all its obligations towards the municipality in 2016, enabling it to realize its plans quicker and more efficiently.

source: ekapija.com

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