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Serbia Copper mine Bor increases copper ore production on new pits

The production plan has been exceeded at the open pit “Veliki Krivelj”, so that the plans for the April results have become more ambitious.

In March, at this open pit, 914 tons of ore were excavated, which is seven percent more than planned, considering that the middle copper content in the ore was higher than planned by flotation in Veliki Krivelj; 2.230 tons of copper ore, which is 15 percent more than planned is given to the processing .

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Enriched ore was extracting from the bottom of the pit and mixed with some poorer ore from the pit’s edge and with the ore from fourth excavation, and thus the higher costs of ore’s transportation from the bottom of the pit are harmonized with lower copper content in the ore in other exploitation areas which are closer, they say in the service of public relations of MSB “Bor.

In March, in Veliki Krivelj, the flotation worked well, too. There are produced 2.150 tones of copper in concentrate, 92.000 tones of ore from pit Krivelj and 183.000 tons from “Cerova” are processed.

In this way, it is almost reached projected capacity of the unit, which would process 13.6 million tons of ore yearly.

In April, a production miners’ plan in the open pit “Veliki Krivelj” is more ambitious than it was in March: total excavation should be nearly three million tons of which the coal will be 2.1 million tons and 850 thousand tons of the overburden.

In order to proceed with smooth production, due to heavy rainfall in recent days and increased flow of water,  at the open pit  “Veliki Krivelj” mine workers are constantly on duty next to the water collector at the bottom of the open pit. The aim is to ensure the smooth running of the pumps that discharge water into the river Krivelj.
The bigger problem than increased water flow is a sludge which interflows, because of the pumps that must be protected from it.

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