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Russian companies may participate in explorations of gold fields in Egypt

Russian companies may participate in explorations of gold fields in Egypt, the Al-Youm al-Sabia newspaper reported referring to Egypt’s Ministry of Petroleum.
Russia wants Canada to invest in its geological explorations — Natural Resources Ministry
“Companies from Russia, Australia, China, Canada and Egypt have applied for participation in the tender for geological surveys of gold and associated minerals in five districts of the Eastern Desert,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, applications are accepted from January 15 to April 20. The areas which are put out to tender include four fields in the Eastern Desert and one in South Sinai.
According to the Ministry’s representatives, a group of Russian companies met in Cairo with the ministerial officials few days ago to discuss Russia’s participation in the auction. The delegation was led by the representatives of the Aerospace Monitoring and Technology company.
“Despite the fact that only two weeks have passed since the acceptance of applications for the tender began, a large number of mining companies have already shown great interest in it,” the ministry said.

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Currently, two companies – from Australia and Cyprus – are developing gold mines in Egypt, while two more companies – from Canada and the United Arab Emirates are on stage of geological surveys.

source: tass.com

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