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Romania Collaborates with Redivium Australia for €40 Million Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Facility

The National Battery Recycling System Association (SNRB) has become partners alongside Redivium Australia to build a lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Romania. The plant will have an initial capacity of 10 tonnes per day and will use Redivium’s licensed recycling technology.

According to the companies, the investment will be over €40 million in a lithium-ion battery recycling facility that will use Redivium’s licensed recycling technology, already present in countries like Germany.

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Preliminary discussions for this partnership began in 2022. This process included a visit to the Primobius GmbH recycling plant in Hilchenbach, Germany. The partners have extensive experience in the field of batteries and accumulators, especially in terms of programs and processes for the treatment and recycling of end-of-life batteries. Ecowes currently operates a battery sorting line and two treatment facilities for alkaline and Li batteries from both the population and those resulting from the dismantling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

This agreement with Redivium for the implementation of a Li battery recycling facility provides partners with direct access to a sustainable industrial-scale battery recycling solution, making Ecowes and the SNRB Association strategic partners in Redivium licensed regions.

This partnership for the construction of a recycling facility between Redivium and its partners adds to the Redivium facilities planned in the United Kingdom, with G&P Battery Recycling Ltd (GPBR), and in Serbia with Metalfer Group (Metalfer).

The National Battery Recycling System Association, founded in 2010, is a member of the board of directors of the European Association of National Systems for the Take-Back of Producer Responsibility for Batteries and Accumulators – Eucobat, and the only Romanian partner of Reneos – a top national battery collection network in Europe. Currently, the association has over 920 members in Romania and operates more than 5,000 collection points nationwide.

Redivium Ltd is a pioneer in sustainable resource solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the way we manage and recycle critical materials, including batteries from electric vehicles.

Ecowes was founded in 2017 near Bucharest. The company initially recycled wooden pallets, and since 2020 has diversified and expanded its activity to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment.


Source: Green Forum

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