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Rare Earth Metals and Energy: Kazakhstan and Germany Sign Documents for $1.7 Billion

Within the framework of the Kazakh-German Business Forum with the participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, and the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, 23 commercial agreements were signed for joint projects totaling over $1.7 billion.

By signing a series of documents, the parties agreed to cooperate in the processing of rare earth metals, the production of machine tools and agricultural machinery, as well as the textile industry, fisheries, green energy, and others.

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For instance, a localization agreement for the production of medium-voltage distribution devices for the energy sector in Kazakhstan using Siemens technology was signed between Kazenergopower LLP and Siemens AG. The document entails the establishment of a Siemens equipment production base in Kazakhstan, with a project cost of approximately $22 million.

Creada Corporation LLP and HMS Bergbau AG reached an agreement on investments and the development of a project for the exploration, extraction, and processing of complex rare metal ores in Eastern Kazakhstan. This agreement opens up new prospects for the development of Kazakhstan’s rare earth sector. Rare metals are essential components for the production of high-tech products such as electronics, magnets, batteries, and other innovative items. The planned project cost is $200 million.

The Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg concluded a Framework Agreement on financing investment projects under the insurance coverage of export credit agencies. It is envisaged that development institutions will provide export credit guarantees to German companies, as well as Kazakh companies collaborating with German partners, to implement projects in Kazakhstan.

An agreement for the construction of an ore beneficiation plant at the Alashpay polymetallic ore deposit was signed between Saryarka Polimetally LLP and German companies Nordstorm Switzerland AG and DEB Deutsche Erze Beteiligungs AG. The beneficiation plant will process lead ores to obtain lead concentrate, which can then be used in the production of various products. Additionally, the project includes conducting exploration for by-product components.

List of signed documents:

Agreement on the localization of medium-voltage distribution device production for the Energy Industry of Kazakhstan using Siemens technology between LLP “Kazenergopower” and “Siemens AG”;

Agreement on joint activities in geological exploration of solid minerals and their processing between LLP “Qazaq Lithium” and “HMS Bergbau AG”;

Partnership development agreement in the passenger transportation and transport logistics sector between DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH and JSC “NC “KTZ”;

Memorandum of Understanding between JSC “NC “KTZ” and Rhenus SE & Co. KG;

Agreement on the implementation of a project for the construction of a gypsum plasterboard and dry construction mixtures plant between the akimat of Zhambyl region and LLP “Knauf Gips Taraz”;

Memorandum of UnderstandingbetweenBaiterek and German Eastern Business Association on the creation of Joint working group for financing of investment projects.

Framework Agreement on Financing Investment Projects under Export Credit Agency Insurance between JSC “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” and “Landesbank Baden-Württemberg”;

Agreement on Investments and Development of a Project for Exploration, Extraction, and Processing of Complex Rare-Metal Ores in Eastern Kazakhstan between LLP “Creada Corporation” and “HMS Bergbau AG”;

Memorandum of Cooperation for the Implementation of a Project for the Production of Well Equipment and PVC Pipes between JSC “NC “KAZAKH INVEST” and “STUWA GmbH”;

Agreement on cooperation in the Field of Transportation between JSC “KazAzot” and “DB Cargo Eurasia GmbH”;

Memorandum of Joint Implementation of a Waste Processing and Harmful Emission Cleaning Project, CO2 Neutralization, and Carbon Fiber Production between LLP “Samruk Kazyna Invest” and “AMK Global”;

Memorandum of Understanding between JSC “Zhasyl Damu” and “AMK Global”;

Memorandum of Cooperation and Joint Implementation of a Cascade Hydropower Plant Project in Almaty Region between LLP “Alatau HydroCascade” and “Maple Ventures GmbH”;

Framework Agreement on Joint Implementation of a Project for the Production of Soil Additives between JSC “Science Fund” and “GS Kazakhstan”;

Agreement of Intent for Collaboration in the Field of Additive Technologies between Satbayev University and LLP “Siemens Kazakhstan”;

Memorandum of Joint Implementation of an Irrigation Equipment Production Project between LLP SP “KazKauchuk” and “Innari Innovation”;

Memorandum of Joint Implementation of a Textile Production Project between LLP “SKIFMAN” and “Maple Ventures GmbH”;

Memorandum of Cooperation in the Implementation of a Glass Packaging Production Project between the Akimat of Kyzylorda Region, LLP “EuroGlass Industries,” and “Horn GmbH”;

Memorandum of Cooperation in the Construction of a Multifunctional Innovative Industrial Park for the Production of Fiber Cement, Gas Concrete, and Dry Construction Mixtures between the Akimat of Kyzylorda Region, LLP “Samga Eurotrade,” and “Medal Verwaltungs GmbH”;

Agreement on the Supply of of the Machinery Equipment between LLP “KamLit KZ,” JSC “Industrial Development Fund,” and “EMAG Gruppe GmbH”;

Agreement on the Construction of an Ore Enrichment Plant at the Alashpay Deposit between LLP “SARYARKA Polymetals,” “Nordstorm Switzerland AG,” and “DEB Deutsche Erze Beteiligungs AG”;

Agreement on the Construction of a Gold Extraction Plant between LLP “Gold Mining Corp.,” “DEB Deutsche Erze Beteiligungs AG,” and “Nordstorm Switzerland AG”;

Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation for the Construction of a Complex for the Cleaning of Harmful Emissions, CO2 Neutralization, and Carbon Fiber Production between Department of management of the fuel and energy complex of Astana, Astana Energy and AMK Global.


Source: Kazakh Invest

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