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Portugal Parliament recommending strategic environmental assessment before exploration grants

Strategic environmental assessments are recommended by Portugal Parliament, to be carried out by the Government before granting mining exploration rights. The Portuguese Parliament has approved two draft CFP and NAP resolutions recommending strategic environmental assessments.

“Before launching tenders for new prospecting and exploration rights for mineral deposits, the Government promotes a Strategic Environmental Assessment associated with the identification of major constraints”, recommends the PCP.

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In its initiative, the PAN also proposes to the Government to “promote, as a matter of urgency”, the “carrying out of a Strategic Environmental Assessment that will describe the various hypotheses of location of mining operations, excluding all those located in protected areas”. The Assembly of the Republic also approved a final text of the Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning Commission, based on draft resolutions of CDS-PP, Chega and the unregistered MP Joacine Katar Moreira, who recommends the government “to establish 25 September as National Sustainability Day.

A final text of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees was also approved, based on resolutions by PAN, BE and MP Joacine Katar Moreira, who recommends to the Government that “the evaluation of the possibility of travelling for the purpose of family reunion for unmarried binational couples be made at a time prior to the applicant’s arrival in Portugal, with sufficient time for the acquisition of flights and respective family life planning”. MEPs also want it to be ensured that “authorisation to travel for the purpose of family reunion sets a precedent for these rights to be automatically reapplied in the event of new restrictions on movement between borders” and that it is possible for “unmarried bi-national couples, as well as dependent children or dependants, to meet again in Portugal”.

Another final text was also approved by the Education, Science, Youth and Sport Commission, which brings together recommendations from the CFP and the ENP and asks the Government to “promote, as a matter of urgency, a wide consultation of national bodies of sports associations and adapted sports, at various levels, in order to work, together with the Directorate General of Health, standards and conditions for the practice of sport, with those who best know the territory and the sports reality”. The text also recommends that “the gradual return of the public to all sporting events, in accordance with the epidemiological situation and safeguarding health standards” be made possible, that there should be a “gradual normalisation of competitions” and support for the sports association movement for the “gradual and safe resumption of its activities”, and that the practice of sport be encouraged. On the other hand, the Parliament rejected, with PS, PSD and BE voting against, a draft ENP recommendation for “an overall scientific assessment of the effects of the implementation of the 1990 spelling agreement”.

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