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Mining industry strikes hard at Armenia’s environment

Mining, Armenia’s key industry, damages the country’s environment badly, Karine Danielyan, head of “For Sustainable Human Development” NGO, said Monday at a news conference dedicated to the International Environment Day.

“A fast growth of metal ore deposits is the most dangerous way of development for Armenia, which strikes hard especially at Lori and Syunik provinces, she said.

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In her words, it pollutes environment by heavy metals and other toxic agents inflicting devastating damage to agriculture.

Even hydro power plants, she said, which are alternative energy sources and should be useful to the country, in fact, harm it, since they are operated without compliance with regulations, and this damages the country’s water resources.

Aida Iskoyan, head of the Yerevan State University’s scientific research center, on her side, said that things will not change unless appropriate laws start working.

“Although there are laws in the country, but they are not observed, and we should ask the authorities- why?” she said adding that the size of the ridiculous fine should be increased a great deal.

Source: arka.am

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