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Mining exploitation and exploration in Serbia during Corona virus without delays

Serbian Mining and Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic said that the production of copper and all associated ores is proceeding according to the planned dynamics and that there are no major disruptions of these processes.


He met with Gian Simin, CEO of Serbia Zijin Bor Copper, and Fu Feilon, CEO of Rakita Exploration, (a company owned by Zijin Mining Co. Ltd.), which is developing the Chukaru Peki project near Bor. Gian and Fu briefed the Minister on the situation in the ore production processes, as well as on all necessary measures taken by these companies to protect workers in the fight against the COVID epidemic 19.

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“It is important for us to continue production in the Bor mines in the future, according to the agreed dynamics, and for this, first of all, the conditions of complete protection of all workers during the epidemic are necessary. These companies have taken all the precautionary measures and therefore there is no fear that production continuity will be maintained. The Chinese partners have transferred all experience of taking these measures from their mines around the world, and that this is another circumstance that will help overcome the epidemic more easily, “the minister said.

Antic reminded that the mining sector is of great importance for Serbia, given the share of this industry in total GDP growth.

“The economic measures presented by President Aleksandar Vucic are yet to show their true strength, and we expect Chinese partners to provide new investment with the necessary support to the Serbian economy after the epidemic. Zijin Bor Copper has allocated $ 800 million for 2020 and 2021 to increase production capacity through the reconstruction of existing and opening new mines, increasing the capacity of the smelter, as well as investing environmental assets, whose effects are already visible, “he added.

Zijin Bor Copper and Rakita Exploration have jointly donated $ 571,000 in Chinese companies’ assistance to Serbia for the procurement of equipment for a laboratory in Niš, which will be used for the tests on corona virus.

Source: danas.rs

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