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Lydian Armenia welcomes the call for responsible mining

Lydian Armenia announce the company shares the belief expressed by Armenia’s government in a recent statement that all mining companies need to comply with environmental regulations, ensuring the protection of the environment and the well-being of our citizens.

“To this effect, we welcome the initiative to undertake environmental compliance audits of the mining industry to ensure that compliance is uniformly achieved and enforced throughout the mining sector.

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Over the last 5 days, several mining companies in the country have been targeted, including Lydian’s Amulsar Project, with protests manifested by road blockages disrupting operations. The protests at Amulsar led to peaceful counter-protests by Lydian employees and company supporters from the communities demanding from the protesters to restore their right to work.

The protesters have been alleging deficiencies in environmental compliance and inconsistent hiring practices. Let us remind that Lydian has an established grievance procedure and encourages all stakeholders, to formally communicate specific concerns and grievances to the company and thereby achieve resolutions that are mutually acceptable,” the statement reads.

The company noted that currently all access roads to Amulsar’s project are open, workers have returned to site, and construction activities are returning to normal.

Source: mediamax

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