6 June, 2019

Inner Mongolia Xingye Mining to resume 2 mines-Shanghai Metals Market

Inner Mongolia Xingye Mining said that its two mines will resume mining operation soon after a four-month suspension from a fatal accident at the end of February.

The two mines are Rongguan Mining and Xilin Mining, whose beneficiation operations have recovered after passing checks in April.

Rongguan Mining mainly produces iron and zinc minerals, with an annualised capacity of 1.35 million mt. Xiling Mining has capacity of 720,000 mt/year and its main products are zinc, iron, bismuth and tungsten minerals.

Mines across Inner Mongolia suspended for safety checks after an accident killed 22 workers at a silver mine of Xingye Mining on February 23.

This lowered zinc concentrate output across China in March and April by some 4% on the year, showed an SMM survey. Zinc concentrate capacity in Inner Mongolia accounts for about 23% of the country’s total.

The recovery of Inner Mongolia mines, together with a peak production season in May-October, is set to further grow zinc concentrate supply across China.

Source: news.metal.com