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German Company Considers Producing Sodium Cyanide in Egypt for Gold Mining

The Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum announced that Germany’s CyPlus is interested in establishing a new production plant for Sodium Cyanide in Egypt that is used as part of the gold mining and extraction process.

CyPlus is a leading company with advanced technology services and innovative solutions. It ensures safe use of cyanide production, transportation, and disposal.

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The company utilizes new innovative technologies to develop gold extraction and mining procedures.

The working group will decide on the necessary procedures and find a suitable location in the Eastern Desert for the new production plant and will also work on researching the required technologies and local market needs.

Sodium cyanide is a colorless sodium salt. It is prepared from sodium amide by heating it with carbon at 800 degrees. It is used in the treatment and extraction of gold.

A press statement released by the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and obtained by Asharq Al-Awsat, said the German company has a “desire to establish a plant for the production of sodium cyanide.”

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El-Molla met with Chairman of CyPlus Stefan Welbers on Wednesday to discuss the investment opportunities available to the company in Egypt.

During the meeting, Molla stressed the need to localize industries for products complementary to the mining activity, citing the remarkable development in gold mining, the successful gold bid, and the entry of several international companies into the promising field.

He indicated that the authorities are studying the feasibility of establishing such factories. He added that the ministry is working on a strategic plan to enhance mining activity and establish more factories to boost it, especially those importing products in foreign currency.

The minister highlighted the importance of developing the industry sustainably and implementing green mining requirements. He stressed the need for increasing mining capabilities while working towards reducing environmentally harmful emissions.

For his part, Welbers confirmed that the company provides safe and responsible uses of cyanide, starting from production, through transportation and circulation processes, to application and exchange.

He indicated that CyPlus dedicates its capabilities to providing new solutions that boost productivity and innovatively develop the gold mining process.

He praised the remarkable developments in the mining field in Egypt, saying it holds promising opportunities for investment.


Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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