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Gazprom, Vitol, Glencore ink deal for oil storage in Croatia JANAF

Janaf oil storage company signed contracts on transport and storage of oil and oil products for 2016 worth 65.5 million euro. Gazprom will use the pipeline for transport and Vitol and Glencore will use the storage in terminals.

They will be transporting 2.100.000 tons of oil for GazpromNeft NIS, while for the Optima group they will transfer 1.000.000 tons to Brod Refinery (BiH). Janaf also signed contracts with two of the world’s leading oil traders – Vitol and Glencore Energy UK to store oil in the Janaf’s terminal in Omišlje.

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In the area of storing oil products they signed contracts with the companies Crodux oil products II and Lukoil Croatia to store oil products in Janaf’s terminals in Omišlje and Žitnjak in Zagreb.

The total value of new deals based on the contracts on transporting oil and storing oil and oil products is approximately 65.5 million euro, which clearly demonstrates the conitinuation of business acitivities and good results trend in the future period, they told us from Janaf and noted that more than 80 percent of the profit will be made in the foreign markets, transmits Serbia-energy.eu

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