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Euro Sun Reports Positive Developments Related to the Mining Licence Ratification for Its Rovina Valley Project, Romania

Euro Sun Mining Inc.announced to report positive developments related to the ratification of its wholly owned gold and copper Rovina Valley Project in Romania. The National Agency for Mineral Resources today has publicly issued documents related to the Rovina Valley Project, including the draft government approval and a substantiation note for the mining licence approval.

Furthermore, following the recent implementation of improved transparency policies, NAMR will be publishing all documents related to the mining licence, including the Company’s environmental reform plan, the technical report related to environmental reclamation, as well as the social impact study and the social impact assistance plan.

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The new president of NAMR has expressed full support for the Project, and the signatory stage of the mining licence ratification is expected to begin following a designated 10-day commentary period. No further public audiences are to be held.

Scott Moore, President and CEO of Euro Sun stated: “In a recent meeting held with the new President of NAMR, the agency acknowledged the importance of the Rovina Valley Project for Romania and indicated their willingness to support the project and work diligently to expedite its development. We feel very positive about the increased transparency in the permitting process and the issuance of all key documents relating to approval of the Mining Licence by NAMR. We will be meeting all ministers in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth and rapid completion of the process.”

Source: marketwired

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