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Euro Sun Mining’s Rovina Valley project receives green light from Romanian Government for EU strategic listing

Euro Sun Mining Inc., through its wholly owned Romanian subsidiary, SAMAX Romania S.R.L., has officially started the process to list its Rovina Valley project with the European Commission as a “strategic project” under the European Critical Raw Materials Act. This step follows a meeting held on May 27, 2024, with the Romanian Ministry of Economy, during which the application for the project to be designated as a strategic project was sanctioned. This designation aims to enhance the project’s contribution to the European supply of critical minerals, which is vital for the continent’s economic and industrial stability.

The Rovina Valley project is notable for holding the second largest copper resource in Europe. Euro Sun Mining plans to employ modern, minimally disruptive mining techniques to extract resources, positioning the Project as a key contributor to the European Union’s strategy to secure a stable supply of critical raw materials.

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This initiative comes as Romania is in the process of updating its mining legislation to align with the European Critical Raw Materials Act, which is designed to strengthen the EU’s access to essential raw materials necessary for various industries, including technology and energy sectors.

Grant Sboros, the CEO of Euro Sun Mining, expressed his satisfaction with the approval from the Romanian government and highlighted the strategic importance of the Rovina Valley project. He emphasized the project’s potential to expedite the supply of critical minerals for Europe, reflecting confidence in the project’s compliance with the criteria set by the European Critical Raw Materials Act.

This development signifies a crucial step for Euro Sun Mining in aligning with European Union policies aimed at securing critical mineral supplies and ensuring the sustainable development of the mining sector within Europe.

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