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€18 Bln Worth of Gold, Precious Metals Could be Mined in Greece

There is up to €18 billion worth of gold, zinc and lead deposits in northern Greece waiting to be exploited by mining companies, says Professor of Metallurgy at the National Technical University of Athens, Ioannis Paspaliaris.

Speaking at an event of the Association of Mining Operations at the Thessaloniki international Fair on Monday, the professor said that there is a huge increase in demand for many metals and the issue of the precious metals in northern Greece should be assessed.

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Speaking at the same event, Eldorado Gold Vice-President, Government Relations Europe, Andor Lips, said Eldorado Gold has invested $1.5 billion in Greece to date and has created a total of 2,500 jobs. “Essential prerequisites for additional $1 billion in investments, that will double the number of jobs, are a stable institutional framework and a clear timetable for their implementation,” he added.

Dr. Corina Hebestreit, Director of Euromines, explained European policy on mineral wealth, saying that the EU requires high standards of operation in the mining industry.

Source: greekreporter

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