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Court puts an end to Canadian Eldorado Gold’s gold mining project in Romania

The gold mining project developed by the Canadian company Eldorado Gold in Certej, central Romania, through Deva Gold, was permanently blocked by the Cluj Court of Appeal, which maintained the solution given by the Cluj Court regarding the cancellation of the zonal planning (PUZ) for the entire mining project.

“The decision invalidates all the approvals obtained by Deva Gold since 2010 until now, based on the PUZ: from the environmental agreement to the building permits,” explained Roxana Pencea Brădăţan, a representative of environmental NGO Mining Watch Romania. The project, which is highly harmful to the environment, is blocked indefinitely, she added.

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The PUZ for the area covering the Certej mining project was approved by the council of Certeju de Sus village in 2010.

The court, however, found that the council seriously violated the public consultation procedures, as well as the procedures for consultation with other relevant authorities supposed to issue expert opinions such as the water management opinion.

The Certej mining project, from Certeju de Sus commune, Hunedoara County, is promoted by Eldorado Gold (ELD), a Canadian gold mining company that plans to open the first cyanide surface mine in Romania.

The Certej deposit is owned by Deva Gold, a joint venture between Eldorado Gold (80%) and the state-owned company Minvest Deva (20%).

Source: romania-insider.com

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