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Caprock confirms zinnwaldite is lithium-bearing mineral in Newfoundland

SGS Natural Resources has confirmed the lithium-bearing mineral in samples from the Ackley property in southeast Newfoundland has been confirmed as zinnwaldite. Assays from several surface samples have returned lithium oxide (Li2O) 1%.

“We see zinnwaldite as an extraordinary mineral that is a superior host to lithium than the highly sought-after mineral, spodumene. The production of lithium hydroxide from zinnwaldite requires considerably less energy and capital than from spodumene, as has been demonstrated by the successful zinnwaldite mining and processing operation at the Cinovec project in the Czech Republic, and the PEA-stage Zinnwald project in Germany,” said Caprock CEO Vishal Gupta.

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Whereas spodumene concentrate must undergo two separate high-temperature roast cycles prior to the production of lithium hydroxide, zinnwaldite concentrate only undergoes a single medium-temperature roast cycle in order to produce lithium hydroxide.

Zinnwaldite is a potassium-lithium-iron-aluminum-silicate-hydroxide-fluoride phyllosilicate mineral within the mica group that typically occurs in greisens, pegmatites, and quartz veins, and is often associated with tin ore deposits.

Additionally, unlike spodumene which tends to lose its lithium content when exposed to ambient weather conditions, zinnwaldite is not subject to weathering to that extent, which allows for greater certainty of supply and control of production.

Caprock was granted an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Ackley lithium-tin-molybdenum-rare earths property from a private individual in January 2023. The company says recent magnetometer surveying over part of three Main claim block indicates that the altered contact zone may cover several square kilometres.

Additionally, the company has 100% interest in several gold properties in the Beardmore-Geraldton gold belt of Ontario.


Source: Canadian Mining

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