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Bosnian Republic of Srpska mineral resources exploration projects show Europe still have untapped potentials

The geological and mining industry is often described as one of the most important branches of human activity since the beginning of the first civilizations. Their importance in shaping modern society cannot be underestimated, since the natural resources they provide are the basis for all aspects of modern human life – from electricity to mobile phones and means of transport.

However, in the era of modern technologies, this sector becomes the basis for another aspect of modern life – social media. Unfortunately, there are more and more fake environmentalists on social media platforms (networks) who spread misinformation, damaging the reputation of experts, professors, and even the reputation of the Republic of Srpska. This misinformation can certainly have a negative impact on the economy of the Republic of Srpska and potentially harm the country that fathers devotedly built, making enormous sacrifices for its creation and survival.

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While many countries, including Austria, Germany and others, rely on their natural resources to develop their economies, the Republic of Srpska has long tolerated and given space to fake environmentalists on social media. However, it becomes clear that this is not a sustainable practice, because the development of the Republic of Srpska requires extremely careful and expertly guided use of natural resources and their exploration, with a clear negative attitude towards all those who unfoundedly criticize the economic policy of Srpska, for who knows whose interest.

Fortunately, fake news and sensationalist stories by fake environmentalists have recently encountered obstacles and are slowly retreating in the face of very strong arguments from experts. Therefore, it is very encouraging to see the authorities and local self-governments of municipalities in the Republic of Srpska, which have recently begun to recognize the importance of the profession, as well as the Governments advice regarding the management of natural resources.

The profession has long claimed that geological exploration has never endangered the environment, but has only contributed to local communities and the state, bringing them economic benefits and investments.

Geological exploration plays a key role in the development of the Republic of Srpska, providing us with valuable information about the composition of the earths crust and the resources found on its territory.

That is why the Assembly of the City of Prijedor, after many illogical protests by fake ecologists, made a very important decision, giving consent for detailed geological exploration at the Bukova kosa site.

This is just one of a series of decisions made by local communities in recent months. Cities and municipalities such as Čajnič, Foča, Mrkonjić Grada, Doboj have already given consent for identical explorations.

Such and similar decisions aimed at the development of the Republic of Srpska undoubtedly strengthen the entity and ensure a safer future for all its citizens. Geological explorations, when carefully conducted, undoubtedly contributes to the prosperity of the local community and enable sustainable economic growth of the entire state. United municipalities in cities in their commitment to development will certainly lead the Republic of Srpska forward towards a brighter future in which natural resources will be used in a responsible manner.

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