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Boron One Submits Annex to Geological Elaborate

Boron One Holdings Inc. announced the submission of an Annex to its Geological Elaborate to the independent review commission of the Serbian Mining Ministry.

As previously reported by the Company in a press release dated October 4, 2023, the Commission requested that certain additional information be included in the Geological Elaborate in the form of an Annex. Boron One is happy to confirm that has fully complied with this request. Approval of the Elaborate by the Commission is a requisite step in the exploitation licensing process.

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Tim Daniels, President of Boron One added, “Additionally, in accordance with Serbian Mining regulations and the terms of our exploration license, Boron One has already prepared a Serbian-compliant feasibility study, which can be submitted to the Mining Ministry upon approval of our Geological Elaborate. This will mark the final step in the approval process for the exploitation license, as we look forward to progressing towards the responsible utilization of our valuable boron resources”.


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