4 April, 2019

Beowulf Mining Seeks Clarification From Swedish Government

Beowulf Mining PLC said it has sent a letter to the Swedish Minister of Enterprise & Innovation to get further clarification about its application for an exploitation concessions for the Kallak iron ore project.

In the letter, Beowulf lamented that it first submitted its application in April 2013 and has watched its case be sent “back and forth” between Bergsstaten – the mining inspectorate of Sweden, the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the National Heritage Board and the government.

In particular, Beowulf is upset with how the County Administrative Board has handled its application and its “consistent failure to follow the prescribed review process”.

Beowulf Chair Goran Farm said: “It is unacceptable for Swedish authorities to have been watching the company invest over 10 years doing significant work, and still not take a decision. Kallak is the main asset of the company on which we are building our future. We have done everything we can to secure that our application follows all the rules.”

Farm said if Bergsstaten has said the concession should be awarded then it “straightforward decision for the government and not a politicised issue”.

Beowulf reiterated its stance that the mine can co-exits with reindeer herding in the region. Farm said: “So far, the mine’s impact on Sami culture and reindeer herding rather than jobs and finances has dominated the debate. Our view is that reindeer herding and mining can co-exist, which has been proven by several other mining projects.”

Beowulf noted it is not aware of any deadline for its application and has no insight into the Swedish government’s decision-making progress.

Ibrahim Baylan took up the role of Minister of Enterprise & Innovation in Prime Minster Stefan Lofven’s second cabinet in January following the country’s most recent general election.

The previous Minister of Enterprise, Mikael Damberg, was appointed Minister for Home Affairs.

Farm added: “Our experience, shared by several other mining companies, is having harmful consequences for Sweden’s investment attractiveness for mining companies. I hope this trend can now be reversed under your[Baylan] leadership.”


Source: morningstar