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Armenian authorities to inspect all metal mines in the country

The Armenian authorities will inspect all metal mines in the country, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a news conference on Friday.

In his words, some companies use underground resources not effectively, and there is also the problem of tailing dumps.

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«Unfortunately, inspections can’t be quick because of large volumes, and there should be legal justification for every decision,» he said. «It is ruled out that we can make any willful decision on any issue, even if we want to do it, since, first of all, we will deter ourselves from all-permissiveness.»

Pashinyan said that the government is going to change the mining policy completely. This means that not a single project will be implemented in Armenia without consent of nearby communities.

“I am also concerned with environmental problems in Armenia – we have numerous problems in this area, and they need to be solved,,

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