16 November, 2020

Anglo Asian accused for “exploiting” Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict

Anglo Asian Mining has rights to the Vejnaly Contract Area, a 300sq km area within the mineral-rich Zangilan district now under the control of the Azeri army. Anglo Asian Mining was accused by a group of British Armenians of “exploiting” the country’s conflict with Azerbaijan.

The disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region is recognised as part of Azerbaijan but has been controlled by ethnic Armenians and the subject of conflict since the break-up of the Soviet Union. In a statement to the stock market last month, Anglo Asian welcomed what it called the “liberation” of the region. It said: “This district forms part of the territory of Azerbaijan which has been occupied by Armenia since 1994 in defiance of … UN Security Council Resolutions…”

UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet has sounded the alarm over recent “indiscriminate” attacks in and around the border region. The Armenian National Committee UK issued a statement today pointing out ongoing conflict has forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes. It said: “It is sad that a London-listed company should think it appropriate to put out a press release celebrating the ‘liberation’ of land it plans to exploit for commercial gain.

Source: standard.co.uk