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Regional Polish government shows support for Prairie Lublin coal project


Prairie Mining Ltd held a conference in Lublin to announce the final site selection for the future Jan Karski mine, where it presented to local authorities, media and community the progress it has made in its project permitting.

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The conference received wide coverage in both local and national media and was attended by senior both Polish and Australian officials including, the Australian Ambassador to Poland, the General Counsel from the Ministry of Development, the Vice Marshal of the Lublin Province, and numerous other distinguished guests.

Regional politicians confirmed their support for the Jan Karski mine, which will be located in the Siedliszcze municipality in the Chelm Shire, and its potential to create a large number of jobs and bring significant economic benefits to the regional and national economy.

In his speech, the Vice Marshal of the Lublin Province, Krzysztof Grabczuk, said: “Today, we know that this investment will take Chelm Shire and the Lublin Province to a much higher level of economic development. It means to us thousands of new jobs …one of the reasons why Poland performed so well in recent years is that we imported new technologies through foreign investment. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hold on to this investment … I would like to thank local mayors and governors that support it. This investment is not something just for us as individuals, it will show the way and shape the future of the whole Lublin Province.“

Paul Wojeciechowski, Australian Ambassador to Poland, also gave strong support for the mine and noted that Prairie sets the model of cooperation between Poland and Australia: “A long tradition of coal mining, as well as deep understanding of this industry, is one of many links between Poland and Australia. Therefore, one of our objectives is to enhance the economic growth of both countries through new investments and job creation in the mining industry. I see Prairie Mining as an excellent example of successful cooperation and an immense opportunity to share well-proven technological know-how between our countries. I am pleased to see how much Prairie Mining and their development of the Jan Karski mine is welcomed by local communities and regional authorities. I see this as a mutually beneficial relationship in the future that we can continue to grow.”

source: worldcoal.com

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