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Betolar and Norge Mineraler AS forge partnership for sustainable mining solutions

Norge Mining, an Anglo-Norwegian mineral exploration company with substantial critical raw material resources in southwest Norway, has announced a strategic partnership. Betolar and its Norwegian subsidiary, Norge Mineraler AS, have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on sustainable mining solutions.

The primary aim of this cooperation is to facilitate Norge Mineraler’s transition towards environmentally friendly practices. The memorandum marks the beginning of potential broader collaboration, focusing on integrating Betolar’s sustainable mining technologies, expertise, and innovations into Norge Mineraler’s operations. One key objective is to enhance tailings management by exploring options to utilize a significant portion of the tailings in the production of geopolymer-based concrete or similar products.

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Pasi Karekivi, Betolar’s Business Development Director for Mining & Metals, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Norge Mineraler’s commitment to sustainability and prioritizing environmental safety in their operations.

Olav Skalmeraas, CEO of Norge Mineraler AS, emphasized their vision to operate the most eco-friendly and sustainable mine for critical raw materials like vanadium, phosphate, and titanium. He sees the collaboration with Betolar as a natural progression towards achieving this goal.

Betolar is actively developing solutions for the mining and metals industries aimed at enhancing sustainability, reducing waste, and cutting carbon emissions. The company has safeguarded its innovations through patent applications related to sidestream and metals recovery.

The partnership with Betolar seeks to minimize carbon emissions in Norge Mineraler’s mining operations. It includes exploring ways to reduce waste across Norge Mineraler’s mining sites and identifying profitable solutions for managing by-products. Betolar’s technologies for recovering valuable fractions and potential for carbon dioxide capture are integral parts of their cooperative efforts. Both companies also aim to develop sustainable methods for commercializing mine tailings as geopolymer-based concrete.

Tuija Kalpala, CEO of Betolar, highlighted their strategic focus on delivering sustainable, low-carbon solutions to the mining and metals industries. She expressed excitement about collaborating with Norge Mineraler on one of Norway’s significant critical minerals projects in Eigersund, underscoring their shared commitment to ambitious sustainability objectives.

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